Tutorial: E-Cig/Vape Starter Kits

Jenee “Vape Girl” Fowler shows us what you should know when buying your first Ego style vape kit. Visit the Henley Vaporium online at http:/thehenley.com for more info on e-cigs, mods, and…



  1. Please dear god I'm begging for real DONT USE THESE please I'm begging you… don't throw your life away.

  2. of all the toturials on youtube , This is the BEST YET on the eGo CTwist

  3. Just looking at the tattooed ugly person is enough to say how stupid smoking e-cigarettes and cigarettes are.

  4. Last week, I purchased a e-cigarette and bought the e-cigarette juice. I only bought the kind that has no nicotine. I wouldn't recommend it to my nephew because he's under 21.

  5. #HenleyVape CAN ANYONE HELP ME??
    I have a eGo ecigg..i didnt used it for approx 10 days after emptied battery..after 10 days when i plugged in charging it..it blinks for 16 times and then wont charging..i put ecigg for approx 3,4 hours for charging and it wont charging..when i plugged off it wont lit up too and after plugged in it,again blinks for 16 times and wont charging..the charger indicator shows green light and never turns red(Which shows that ecigg is charging)..
    so is it charger problem or my ecigg's battery is gone..?
    sorry for wrong English…
    plzz help me

  6. Muito bem explicado. Pena estar em Portugal senao ia aí á loja. Geralmente,aqui nao explicam nada bem.

  7. I have a query..i by mistake use my e cigg directly after cleaning with water without drying it..so in starting i get Burned taste bcause it caused dry hit and now even after i dried it completely,even after fill up the tank full with e juice i still get burned taste which fucked my taste…whats the remedy for this..

  8. I have a E cig of 1100mah battery so how much time does it take to fully charge..and after how much time i should unplugged it..please help me

  9. this might be out of topic,but i really really like this girl,and i'm straight..

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