Smok Stick V8 Baby Beast Kit! Is It Better Than The Vape Pen 22 & Brit One?

the LOWEST price on premium e-liquids: Today we take a look at the new Smok Stick V8 Baby Kit. The Smok Stick V8 Baby Beast kit is very similar to the original V8 stick…



  1. Is it ok to use the Q2 coil with the stick v8 baby? The Vape shop I go to doesn’t sell m2’s.

  2. Looking for a starter kit, this Smok Stick v8 or the Exceed D19? Expert advice appreciated.

  3. The Smok V8 kit has the same issues as the Smok 22 kit

    they both come with 0.2 ohm or 0.2 ohm coils and the batter struggles to heat up the coils

    The battery for this kit as well as the Smok 22 kit needs a little more power in the battery to heat up the coils properly in my personal opinion

    Battery life is absolute crap and it's not worth getting olks

  4. I hesitated but I am glad I have this product it is the bomb I would recommend this product

  5. My smok stik v8 blinks four times and doesn't let me take a hit. Can anyone tell me why and how to stop it??

  6. First vaping video I've ever seen. Got mine a couple of days ago (20 years of smoking cigs) and I love it. Still smoke, but it makes me smoke less and I'm intrigued by the science of it. Excited about experimenting! 🙂

  7. I just ordered this vape brand new I’ve charged it fully put juice in it made sure it’s clean all that junk but it just won’t work. I’ve pressed the button to turn it off and on and no smoke comes out. Help??

  8. hey can anyone answer this for me, im interested in getting this (im also very new) but i prefer to use CBD vape juice would that work inside of this or no? please someone get back to me on this thank you

  9. How long do you need to keep it charging until it's 100% full?

  10. Just bought one of these, my first ever vape kit. Seems to work fine, easy to use and provides a good solid hit especially for the price.

  11. Are they the same the stick v8 and the v8 baby?

    Which mod is the best out of the pen style smok mods?

    Too many options it's confusing

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