Quit Smoking Kit Wednesday’s – The Suorin iShare Pod System

Quit Smoking Kit Wednesday’s – The Suorin iShare Pod System

In today’s review, we are having a look at the Suorin iShare. Suorin has been releasing MTL based starter kits onto the market at a steady pace this year but the …



  1. Dude, I remember when you first started. Doing awesome. I love your reviews. Keep up the great work.

  2. That looks like a very smart pod design. So many of them are difficult to fill and impossible to see through.

  3. I have iShare pack with powerbank – portability is STELLAR! BUT xartriges is SHIT, I bought 9 cartriges and EVERY CARTRIGE BURNS ON 50/50 MIX!!!!I dissapointed with quality of pods and powerbank has some issues – sometimes it just not charging one of the bateries, and it's not a contact problem – it chip's problem. Overall it's peace of shit, dont buy it. I suggest to buy Justgog minifit, I own 2 of them, and I very statisfied. Also cartriges of minifit easily rewicks and rebuilds – with 1 cartrige you can use it unlimited amount of times!!!

  4. YouTube want vaping shut down on here well I've just had a vaping add πŸ€”

  5. Still using the smoke infinix till this day absolutely brilliant charges up to 100% in 10 mins. Annoying con is sometimes juice gets in mouth but it happens time to time.

  6. @Vaping With Vic Hello Vic can u help me i can't choose beetween this vv kylin v2 or geekvape blitzen rta what would you recommend?

  7. Doesn't the original ishare have a dual slot portable 1400mah charger?

    I'm not really seeing a difference between this and the original honestly, but I'd like to know if these new batteries fit the old portable battery charger

  8. thx for the great review vic over here its for sale online as a special kit 2 i shares and a battery pack they fit in like a pack of smokes for 60 euro πŸ˜‰

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