Megatoke 2.0 Official Review! | Dry Herb Pen | TheDabSpot

Get the Megatoke here: Hey friends! Today’s video is a dry herb conduction vaporizer from Megatoke! This thing produces some huge clouds and is ready to go with your…



  1. I just got a g pen elite and clouds are not near yours by far! What do you mean by conduction? Is my vape not working right? Used to smoking, this makes me feel I don?t get  that high

  2. if im smoking flower with somebody and they blow O's i will straight punch them in the throat

  3. Within fifteen seconds im already thinking how terrible your editing is, audio is off sync, and you cut yourself off with the intro

  4. They should rename it the MegaBroke. I bought one and the coils will go out on you no matter how well you clean it. The extra one they gave me worked for about a week. You'll end up having to stir your weed after every hit after 3 weeks of usage. Works good brand new(Except for my bunk extra coil) but will break down. You'll notice it gradually week by week. I ended up buying the Arizer Air and it's superior and an actual vape. The Megatoke V2 (I know it's not a vape) works well in the beginning but slowly goes down hill. The design is flawed. I cleaned it well too. Every time after usage. It gets to the point where you have to no matter what to even use the thing. Lasted me a month because I was only using my working coil. Don't feel like purchasing a new one every 3 weeks to maintain the thing. As you can see it can get quite expensive. I just moved on.

  5. You should really stop making videos if you look closely at your eyes you look like a crackhead

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