KANGER Five 6 Box Mod & Tank – Quintuple 18650 – VapnFagan

KANGER Five 6 Box Mod & Tank – Quintuple 18650 – VapnFagan

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  1. Idk why but mine keeps jumping from 60 to 120, if anyone know how to fix it please let me know

  2. thanks for the review, Mark. Not really sure what the point of this one is. I guess someone will use it.

  3. I have found you need to be careful when Priming any Coil from the Top as you show here. Too much Juice & it will travel down the center of the Coil & will leak out of the bottom Vents.

  4. Yes,, I agree. with 5 Batteries, the Battery life is much better,, just like the Jaybo RX 300 with 4 Batteries.

  5. WooHoo! FIVE batteries??? That seems crazy! Then again, not having to change and charge 2 or 3 batteries after less than a day or so does sound nice except I'd have to add the cost of a 6 bay charger to cost of mod and 10 new batteries since my charger is only 4 bay. But the worst problem with this setup is that there are NO magnets to hold the battery cover on!! There are way too many really nice and much better designed mods for the money!!

  6. so i need to get a 6 bay charger for this? do they even make those?

    And why are they making devices that take so many 18650s instead of making devices that just use bigger batteries?

  7. I really like the RTA on it. Hope they start selling it separately

  8. the battery life is great but i mean are we on our way to vaping a car battery at 4000 watts i just cant see the need for mods to get so big the review was great and i would like to see kanger make a comeback i just dont think this this is the mod that is going to do it

  9. This one is the shhhhh i only vape watt mode very dope i will end up getting a few more

  10. YO MARK just to let you know there are magnets on the bottom of the battery door yours probably just got unglued and stuck together. You can probably just take them off and superglue them back in place.

  11. Great review Mark… could you pleaze specify as to how low resistance the mod can fire before saying "atomizer low"??

  12. I'm with you, Mark. I love bigger, heavier mods with loads of battery life. I would love a mod like this. Make that battery cover tighter, throw a DNA chip in there for accuracy and you have an insane mod. I like the fact you can rotate the screen towards the tank. That way you can fire the device and view the screen in real time. Without a user manual, you still put out a solid review. Well played, brother.

  13. that is one big ass mod… even makes your hands look small.. thanks mark for the review….

  14. Oookay… I thought it was a brick. I'd love to see you carry that around in your pocket. People will think you're glad to see them.

  15. so if you use it with only one coil firing when that one goes bad can you still use the remaining 2?

  16. With the lights and turning for resistance adjustments , would you say the tank is more gimmicky than a real useful function? Thanks for the review.

  17. I really like the resistance selector drop high ohm when out and about and dump it and pump up the wattage when chillin

  18. iPhone charges on 1 amp iPad charges on 2 amps but is capable of charging on a 1 amp charger just takes longer. Awesome review as always

  19. Good delivery as always brother she is a beast but to invest in a couple sets of 5 batts just for the one device maybe wouldn't be in everyone's budget. Good for Kanger thinking outside the box a little though

  20. I don't know about that first too many batteries to marry & second too big , I would not want to carry that around lol . Vape4Life

  21. so 1 light is 1 coil 2lights 2 coils and 3 lights 3 coils in that head are firing hence the resistance change not sure i like that

  22. I love the idea of this device but that battery door is kinda a big deal. Hopefully it's something they'll fix but knowing Kanger, they probably won't.

  23. Great review! I really like the simplicity with this device more companies should follow suit. Thanks for sharing.

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