Joe Rogan on discovering marijuana for the first time

Joe Rogan on discovering marijuana for the first time

Joe Rogan is on his JRE podcast talking about discovering pot for the first time.



  1. Ibogaine as a preventative treatment, for me, made it to where I never got addicted to opiates, even fentanyl analogues, never had the compulsion to take them ever since I tried Ibogaine.

  2. I used to be an advocate for weed but when I started getting super paranoid, having violent outbursts and feeling depressed and anxious I stopped smoking weed and now i feel soooooooo much better, weed is not good for people who are naturally paranoid or are OCD, autistic, bipolar etc in my honest opinion no pills except antidepressants give me such a bad reaction and I got so damn addicted to weed, I couldn't go an hour without it unless I was asleep, but pills? I can take loreazapam when I need it, when I'm really stressed out and i can put that down easily, same with alchohol, I can just have that on occasion and have no problems. Weed isnt as innocent and harmless as people say, it really fucks with your head. But if you can do it without side effects, go for it cause it's very physically safe.

  3. Joe rogans soo alpha that he had three daughters so there'd be easier testosterone competition in his household… true alphas think ahead

  4. Man when i smoke weed i look ugly, pics, video , but im good looking guy, sober i get the alkaloids But I smoke all the time and i feel id rather be high then good looking anybody goodlooking when high?

  5. god forbid you ever hear the words; “that was a dmt joint”

  6. What needs to said is that the weed today is up to 25 times more powerful than it was in the 70's and 80's. That shit can make you lose all your abilities to function and forget what happened while you were high.

  7. I was 13 man it was great I felt like I was floating and my uncle was driving and I saw a pond on the road which was a hallucination, I almost grabbed the wheel to miss it and hit the trees ,but I decided in my head so fast that I'm okay with death and that I'm experiencing something so beautiful it was okay to let go and let the world take toll. Thank god I didn't grab the wheel. It was an intense experience and will never forget all the times I spent with my uncle smoking and doing percocets every once an a while. I try and cherish that memory ,my uncle now is struggling with junk shit, so I never get to recreate it but it definitely changed my life. I found out I was a lot like him and I wasn't the only one who hated soberness. Which was a bad mindset but helped me cope.

  8. Did my first acid at 11! No shit! My mum sent me to my sisters for the night to sort me nut out lol

  9. Choose the right doctor. Your doctor is your choice. I have never had a problem with drugs because I chose not to take drugs. I drink and smoke, but I chose not to fix my problems with drugs, and my family doctor respects me, and my family's decisions in that area. I have had two C-sections, and very minimal drugs were prescribed and only for a short amount of time were taken. Thereafter it was more Physical Therapy than anything. My husband has chronic back pain and has a physical job and for his aches and pains stretches and physical therapy are prescribed, along with proper dieting. Drugs are bad kids

  10. The ending made me cry, even only 6 minutes after my dab. Joe Rogan on some RT

  11. Like Jim, I was a late bloomer to it. I remember trying it at a Van Halen concert when I was like 15 but nothing happened. But then 17 or 18, I was at a Metallica concert & was having a killer headache…I doubted if I could even make it through the concert. But then I took a few hits & the headache went away, took a few more hits and was feeling great–was in the mosh pit, headbanging my neck off. And I've been smoking almost ever since…still take a month (up to a year) off every now & then but basically been a pothead since that day.

    But yeah, I think you should try to keep your kids from smoking until 18….the same thing with ADHD pills. You should let your kids brains mostly develop before introducing chemicals into it.

  12. The parents I ever smoked pot with, all their kids ended up in prison or a mental institution! Thank God my mom was a square.

  13. 6:38 when I lived somewhere it was illegal I didn’t tell my kids because kids don’t know how to shut up. But when I moved to Alaska and it was legalized, then I told them. I also told my kids not to smoke weed till their brain was done developing because of a guest I saw on JRE! Lol

  14. His name is Jim Breuer, folks!! He's a brilliant comedian & was Goat Boy from Saturday Night Live. Not just that guy from Half Baked or just a random guy who looks stoned all the time. SMH.

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