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Today I Review The iJust 2 Mini by Eleaf. Get It Here: http://bit.ly/iJust2Mini LIKE ME on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/IndoorSmokers IndoorSmokers T-shirts: https://www.districtlines.com/…



  1. First time Vaper, got this vape, but if I hold the button for longer than half a second, it starts sizzling… Any idea of a fix?

  2. I can't stand tunning into your vids. You talk way too much. I had to skip 5 mins before you started to get to the point on one

  3. looks like a nice pen. I need a cheap vape pen to quit marlboro eleaf seems like a good cheap brand i think i will buy this one for 20 bucks i dont think i cam go wrong

  4. Just want to say I received one of these a few days ago and was about to give up on this device because i was burning through coils. I was properly priming but this tank doesn't seem to do well with high VG juices. I was running 80/20 and even a max VG juice and was burning through coils within 10 puffs. Low and behold, I added maybe 10 ml of distilled water to my juice to thin it up and this baby is ripping away with great flavor now.

  5. Age verification was asked for on direct vapor.. but my bank acc was charged. I dont trust this ID thing, will my order still go through since I was charged?

  6. I bought one from the link in the description. it's dope especially considering the price. I just wanted something to puff on with some good cloudage and this does the job. I was also considering the regular sized ijust2 but the mini is more than enough for my use

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