18+older. These are the best dab pens on the market! Utilizing titanium core technology these pens deliver more flavor with less heat. The rubber outcase feel great in your hand. The units…



  1. I noticed no matter what he smokes he holds it in for like less than half a second. Bro like hold that sht in for like a second at least.

  2. Don't waste your money on these. Get a cheap vape pen kit from eBay, they can be had for less than $10 and then just buy the cartridge. I did this and got the battery for 8 dollars and 2 cartridges for 80 so all said and done I spent 88 bucks on the pen and 2 cartridges. That's the way to go

  3. Who cares if he got paid, I just purchased the light 1st ever pen using homemade shatter it's amazing love it the rest of my headies are going to shatter =)

  4. dude's corny as fuck, but I enjoy watching him. Of course he's selling something, but I think he's being earnest at the same time.

  5. For all those who think he gave a sponsored review OKAY THIS IS MY VIEW i jus bought the Aurora yesterday and the muthafucka is the shit and i do mean the shit i was using a evolve for a while and it scroches the product any other pen i have had u run into the same problem the dr dabber doesnt scorch the product and i will say this if u keep the dr dabber on its lowest temp and have the ceramic atomizer it will actually save u a shit ton of product the product barely burns off when the pipe is set to high with the daul quartz atomizer its a enitrly different experience you can feel the intense effect of the product when u go up in temp IM NOT A FUCKING SPONSER THIS MUTHAFUCKA IS THE SHIT I LOVE MY DR DABBER AURORA AND I WOULD SUGGEST ANY OF YOU TO GET ONE

  6. Only thing I don't like is the plastic tip if it was stainless or glass would be 100% better

  7. Fuckin trash product… owned it for about 3 weeks and the charging coil on the battery separated and now non of it works…
    Fuckin bullshit product

    5/10 would not recommend

  8. So does it suck or not? I need to know where to get a good dab pen

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  10. My Dr. Dabber Aurora is fuckin dank. Most discrete thing in the world. Super effective 7.9/10

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