Coilart Mage RTA 2019 Edition Review – The Mage gets a facelift…

Coilart Mage RTA 2019 Edition Review – The Mage gets a facelift…

The Coilart Mage RTA 2019 Edition is a full overhaul of the popular Mage RTA by the folks over at Coilart. The Coilart Mage RTA 2019 Edition looks at first …



  1. it's been a while since i last saw your video. I'm absolutely amazed by the rise in quality and the timer is amazing too! all the best to you

  2. I finally have a replacement for my Fireluke tank . It is a rta without having to add a rta section. Thanks CCBROWN69

  3. Hi Vic 1 question, you never said if we can buy it in the 5ml none TPD B.S here in the EU are do we have to go outside the EU for the 5ml edition now i'm presuming that there's an adapter on the chimney to take off for the EU ?? Thanks Vic

  4. I need a coily tool in my life well I need a bit more but really want a coily tool

  5. Well, the deck is exactly the same as the Mage V2 but with the stock coil styling. I happen to like the V2 better for its classy style but the flavour will probably be the same for both.

  6. What a great review. It’s so good to see a review that shows the potential user how to build, wick, fill and achieve the best flavour. Superb Vic!

    The airflow looks huge to me by the way!

  7. I’ll stick with my dawg for now. It looks a little too cheap for my liking. Great review Vic

  8. What about the Creed or blitzen from geekvape? Doesn't look to bland to me

  9. You really need to review the Isolation rta by deathwish modz before you name your Best RTA's of 2018, It's a Beast and has the smoothest airflow on all the RTA's I've ever owned.
    Don't miss out on it, sure you will be impressed, especially at +80 Watts.

  10. Yeah Great Review Vic as usual, I totally agree with you that it looks like the freemax mesh pro. But I like it..Good Job Vic..πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰

  11. Great review buddy, not bad looking really πŸ‘πŸ‘,,,,,,, vic mate stop drinking marmite not sort of beverage I would drink πŸ˜‚

  12. Not a fan of that resin at all. But at least they fixed the screw placement from the V1, which I still own. I hope they will release more traditional metal finishes of this or it will save me some money I guess. Top notch review Vic πŸ‘

  13. Nice review Vic πŸ‘ RTA's with a sub ohm tank style not against it but as usual it's all about the performance but fair play to Coil Art it's looking like a banger of a tank.

  14. Dammit Sir. Must Resist The Shinyitis!!!!!!! Great review as always. Keep up the good work and remember, every time you say damn, money teleports out of someones bank account. LOL!!!

  15. Thank you Vic, an other great review.
    I just use rebuildables and I like the design of this. It is something new πŸ™‚

  16. The thing with your β€˜top 20xx’ is that the year is just too long. Or too much stuff comes out. What ever.

    But there’s too much on the market to do an annual top x. You’re better off doing one every quarter and doing an annual roll up. I mean, the chance you have an actual gem still in your list from first quarter is slim. And even if you do, it better be a total china deal or it won’t be available anymore.

    In short, stop tormenting yourself with a yearly top x. Make it quarterly.

  17. Great review as always Vic! Since I've started squonking, my Paranormal has just been sitting and collecting dust, so I'm always looking for good RTAs that (1) are dead easy to build and wick every time without constant dry hits, and (2) produce near-RDA quality flavor. I don't think this one will be for me, can't stand the resin, but I'll be watching your reviews to find my next RTA!

  18. I think it looks cheap with the resin casing

    hope you do ''notable mentions'' just outside the top 3 when the time comes, it'd be nice for folks to know what is still worth spending money on.

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