Best Pod System (November 2018)

Best Pod System (November 2018)

Another month has gone by and more pod systems have got our attention! Check out the vid to find out which one we think is best going into the month of …



  1. As much as the IQ resembles an iPod shuffle, no one really talks about the stealthiness of the Orion. I think no one would think twice if you actually started talking to your Orion… something like "Copy that… tell Bill to just unload the cargo at the back gate… make sure he leaves us an invoice… over."

  2. I stopped using my mods, yes had a mech mod, regulated mod and even a rage squonk mod with a dead rabbit. Big mods are dead now, I had the sourin drop, switched to the air, I think my next purchase will be the Orion or the smok novo. You guys help a lot!!! Love the videos subscribed

  3. day one fan i love you boys(no homo)because you guys give me great advice on vapes and all that good stuff KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING LEEET'S GO BOYZZ

  4. Sorry guys, i think the orion sucks. No flavor. And the screws fall out.
    Happened to both mine and my wife's. Had to exchange one.

  5. I'm actually really happy you uploaded this, I've been trying to figure out what pod system to get and I feel like this will help. Thank you!

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