$30 Mod Vs $130 Mod

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  1. this is just like the guitar community. people dont think a cheap guitar can possibly be good, but they believe an expensive guitar cant be bad!! and it really boils down to the customer buying a product, just for the name!

  2. Hey jack what if I use the mod istick 200 eleaf but use a different tank.The one you used is a little expensive for me.And would any tank work with it?

  3. Is vaping bad for your health?I want to start vaping bit I am not sure.Btw I have diabetes and I dont know if I can vape at all.(please answer in simple english as I dont know very well)

  4. A Smok tank with any high power mod will give amazing results

    Save your money for juice

  5. why buy the 130$ one, the only thing thats different is the look, just buy good juice

  6. please where can i get that of 130 from even the 30? could you ship it to Qatar?

  7. Am I the only one who Never bought into the Crazzzyyy SmoK Tanks with the massive coils ???

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