1 Gram Stiiizy Distillate Syringe | Loaded Up

1 Gram Stiiizy Distillate Syringe | Loaded Up

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  1. illinois just voted in jb Pritzker, I'm so fucking geeked! were going to have legal weed in no time.

  2. Man I Absolutely Love Yall..You All Show Us The Fun And Innocence Of Gods Creation.. . I Am A Mother Of Three And My 12 Year Old Son Had A Brain Surgery And Suffers With All Day Headaches And Seizures. I
    Take Care Of Him Non Stop Each Day As He Needs My assistance. But Maybe 3 Or 4 Times A Day I Sneak Off To Watch A Few Of Your Videos. The Laughter, Jokes, And My Joint Just Really Gives Me Strength To Go Back In And Dont Give Up..I Cant Afford To Smoke As Royal As You All "Yet" And Another Small Issue Is It Not Legal In This State Yet But I'm In My House. Any Whoo Thanks Guys For The Years Of Laughter. Stay Loaded Up🤗

  3. Y’all are absolutely trash at dabbing, you guys are some mediocre stoners no hate I’m just calling it how I see it.

  4. small dabs lol canrt even see the size of them so small and they cough so much after haha

  5. Yo the middle light skinned dude looks like the mouse from Kim Possible 😂😂

  6. Yall actin like y'all never seen syringes before talkin bout that 😂. I'm in illegal state & I get packaged syringes lol

    Love ya man's Bobo 💕

  7. Randy put off some pounds that’s wassup ! And His music video high key hard af do ya ting my brudda🤟🏾

  8. It is a stizzy refil… If you know you know, and y'all dabbing at 510? Or what haha turn that shit up to 710°

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